What we do

  • We provide efficient stand-alone refrigeration systems powered by solar energy that ensures temperature control, monitoring and recording.
  • Our refrigeration systems are powered by 3 times smaller solar system than conventional refrigeration. We can achieve this because the technology we use for our refrigerators, freezer or cooler is very efficient.
  • An automatic temperature recording system allows the monitoring and surveillance of the refrigeration system.
  • Our solutions are ideal for in medical field for vaccines, reagents storage and more. They meet all the WHO Performance requirements at 3 times less the price.
  • Our refrigeration systems range from 50 liters to 400 liters refrigerators, freezer or coolers with autonomous power supply and precise temperature control.

Our Customers in Health care

  • Health Centers
  • Government & Communities
  • Non-governmental Organizations, Businesses

Our Customers in Home & Businesses

  • Individuals
  • Restauration, cafes & bars
  • Agriculture (farms, livestock, fisheries)
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