Vianne was created by an Electrical Engineer with African roots. He travelled the world and came to the simple conclusion that without reliable source of energy, especially electrical energy, no sustained development is possible.
Vianne Inc. was created in the USA in October 2009. The early years focused the activity in the USA, learning from the best, understanding the quality standards, the technology and the network, for its applications in developing countries.

Oct 2009 Vianne, Inc creation Houston, USA
Jan 2010 First solar installation Houston, USA
April 2011 Opens its first branch in Africa Douala, Cameroon
Nov 2011 PV Installation Professional certification, by NABCEP Houston, USA
June 2012 First rural off-grid solar installations Cameroon
Dec 2014 First solar installation for a business, 500W Cameroon
May 2015 First solar installation for rural health centers Cameroon
Aug 2016 First solar-powered street/parking lights Cameroon
Oct 2017 First solar powered water well Cameroon
Oct 2020 First solar power-refrigeration, vaccine storage Cameroon
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